Hi. I'm Mike

This is where I'm supposed to write more about myself as you determine whether I have something that interests you or not, but I've never really been a fan of talking about myself, awkward. So instead, I'm just gonna write like we're getting to know each other, cause that's what we're kinda doing. No fancy stuff.

Let's get the basics outta the way. I'm in my 30's, from a small hippie town in Canada you've likely never heard of, and I have an obese tabby cat I probably should've named Garfield (his name is Simba).

I've made a living since June 2017 as a Social Media Marketer - either in my own business or helping others. Ironic, because I actually hate Social Media - BUT - it is a powerful tool for any business.

When people ask me "What do you do?" the conversation can go a number of different ways...

If I'm not in a conversationalist type of mood and it's a stranger, I'll likely just tell them I'm a drug dealer because it's a whole lot easier than explaining what I actually do.

But if I'm in a bit more of a "Chatty Kathy" type of mood

I'll tell them I'm an "Internet Marketing" guy.

See... the thing is... I have a lot of different skills and I use them in a variety of ways to help businesses make more money with the internet and Social Media.

They say a 'jack of all trades' is a master of none.

But the internet is vast, people are complicated, and there's a ton of different moving parts when it comes to turning strangers into loyal customers with the power of the internet. A well-rounded approach backed by solid foundational principles will take you farther than any gimmicky strategy out there.

I'm really good at looking at businesses from a Birds-Eye Perspective, identifying the 'kinks in the hose' and creating customized roadmaps and action plans to get them where they want to go as efficiently as possible.

I can also get down and dirty in the weeds of the business and find the small hinges that swing the biggest doors to profitability.

Through my experience, more often than not, most businesses are only a few small changes away from experiencing a sizable shift in their revenue.

Scaling doesn't come through 'adding more' it comes through simplicity.

I mean this as humbly as possible - but generally, what I touch tends to grow.

By now you're probably wondering something like:

"Is this guy off his rocker?" or "Am I in the right place?"

Whenever someone asks me if this is 'the right way' to do something the answer is always:

You Could Be 🤷‍♂️

One of "the secrets" of marketing is to test a lot of different things. But test too much, and without intent, and you can test yourself right out of profitability. (Please don't do this, it's very sad when it happens)

So... let me help you determine whether it's "right" you're here or not:

#1: You're Looking To Make More $ Without Necessarily Working Harder

I'm a very lazy person. People are inherently lazy. It doesn't mean we're not determined people or "bad", we just naturally err on the side of laziness.

I'm sure Gary Vee is a good guy, but his hustle-grind non-stop mentality is a one way street for burnout.

There's a reason why I have the following Bill Gates quote on the homepage:

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." 

It's because we're so culturally conditioned that success must come from hard-work, sacrifice and blood sweat and tears. I'm not saying that these things aren't important. What I AM saying is more often than not, we 'cross our own wires' and tend to over-complicate what can be made relatively simple and lose focus on the small number of activities that REALLY drive the results.

I believe in investing in technology, people and leverage to grow your business and freeing up your time - not just 'doing more'.

This involves a mix of sales and marketing systems, outsourcing redundant or non-important tasks and focusing on what's ACTUALLY going to put more $ in your pocket without taking up all your time in the process.

Basically, I'm passionate about showing Business Owners how to grow their bottom line without being glued to their computer in the process.

#2: You Need Help With Your Paid Ads

Now, if I was to pick ONE SKILL ABOVE THEM ALL that I was good at, it would be Buying Traffic.

I treat running ads like my own personal stock market, where the ads I create are their own stock, and I'm betting on my message reaching the right market to generate returns. I call it "The Creative Stock Market".

It's been a game for me since I first started on Facebook Ads in 2017 and have since gone on to profitably spend over 7-Figures across Facebook, YouTube and TikTok in my own and clients' businesses.

#3: You Need a "Numbers Guy" & A Gameplan For Growth

In my past life I was a CPA, CMA. However, accounting killed my soul and I had to change career paths.

I really don't think Business is complicated, I think it's just math. When you can identify your KPIs and develop a strategy for hitting them, success isn't a guessing game, it's a guarantee.

I like to mix my accounting and marketing backgrounds together and help businesses spend their money more wisely for accelerated growth.

Nothing boggles my mind more than seeing a business make over $100k a month while only spending $5k on ads. Why on God's green earth are you not spending more money on advertising?!

#4: You Need a "Digital Architect" To Build You A Pipeline Of Leads/Sales

There are few things I love more than ugly landing pages that convert.

I can't help but SMH when I see flashy marketers hock their next 14-step funnel with a 'choose your own adventure' ending to struggling Business Owners who think 'this funnel' is their ticket to paradise.

I focus on building simple marketing and sales systems that do one thing only - get results.

We start with 'reverse-engineering' your profitability goals with my "Surefire Profitability Formula" so we know exactly what KPIs we need to shoot for with our funnel.

Then we build out our control, make our best-educated guesses based on your existing data, test, then compare it to our original KPIs.

From there, it's just a matter of attacking the weak points until our system is fully dialed in and we have a profitable money printing machine.

#5: You're Looking For An Integrator & Strategic Growth Partner

As I've mentioned before, there's a lot of things I'm good at.

There's about 100x more things that I'm terrible at.

I don't know how to change a spare tire. I don't know how to knit. I haven't attempted to ski since I fell down and did the splits when I was 5.

Business-wise - I'm terrible at anything graphic / design related and I can't stand video editing. I also struggle to come up with 'new ideas' right on the spot.

The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts and I believe we're put on this planet to help one another. One person's strength is another's weakness.

I'm imagining right now there's someone reading this who might be entertaining the thought that we're perfect companions to build an empire together.

But you're reading this, and I'm probably on my couch petting Simba and eating protein ice-cream (don't knock it until you've tried it).

So... if you have a fire that's going great already, but you're looking for someone to show up to the party and dump some gas on it - let's chat.

Where Else You Can Find Me

Contact: mike@the8020marketer.com

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